All you need to know about Solar Energy

The sun has been the primary source of energy for the earth ever since human history began. Even before the advancement of technology such as solar panels, solar inverters, and solar street lights, man was using the potential of the sun by using mirrors to light fires, drying food and clothes, the sundial, and the art of Feng Shui, etc.

Man has learned to harness the sun’s power and now taking its advantage in diverse ways by utilizing it for daily activities.

Being a renewable and clean energy resource, almost all countries around the world are encouraging utility consumers to go solar. Solar power can be used in homes, offices, and for other purposes.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is the radiant heat and light from the sun that is captured and converted into a usable form of energy by using the most advanced technology.

Types of the solar system

Mainly 3 types of technologies are used:

  1. Solar Heating & Cooling
    This system provides air conditioning or heating by collecting thermal energy.
  2. Integrating Solar Power
    Concentrating solar power facilitates the running of electricity-generating turbines in power plants.
  3. Photovoltaics
    It comprises one or more solar panels coupled with essential hardware machinery and an inverter to capture the sun’s energy and change it to electrical energy. These are available in diverse sizes from small to large power generation systems to suit the needs of customers.

The photovoltaic system is further divided into two types of solar panels, i.e. Monocrystalline Polycrystalline. Both types of solar panels serve the same purpose and are made of silicon, which is a durable and abundant element.

You can opt for any one solar solution as both of these are equally beneficial, but it’s good to make a well-informed choice after knowing about the fundamental difference between these.

Predominantly, the two differ in the kind of solar cell they contain. Monocrystalline possess cells a single crystal layer of silicon, while there are multiple silicon layers merged in polycrystalline solar panels.

Monocrystalline panels are considered to be the premium solar solution owing to their optimal functionality. On the other hand, polycrystalline solar panels have lesser efficiency, but they hold an advantage of lower-cost prices over other solar panels.

Monocrystalline solar panels are more efficient than polycrystalline, these have greater efficiencies and elegant looks. Single-silicon crystal is used in these that provide more space for electrons to move freely, leading to better efficiency. This renders monocrystalline, an edge over their counterparts.

How does a solar energy system work?

Every hour, the earth receives an amount of energy from the sun that is enough to meet our energy demands. Solar panels are installed on the rooftops in such a way as to trap this energy and convert it into renewable energy.

The photovoltaic cells in solar panels take up the sunlight while the sun shines brightly. Then these cells alter the chemical energy of the sun into electrical power.

Afterward, an inverter converts the energy, which is DC or direct current, into AC or alternate current. As soon as the generated power is altered into AC, it is ready to be distributed and power your home or office.

This works the very same as does traditional electricity, and you don’t need to change any home appliances.

For this purpose, pure sine wave inverters are best to use. The sophisticated technology used in such inverters protects sensitive electronic equipment.

The power produced by pure sine wave inverters can be used to run any AC appliance such as digital microwaves, fridges, laptops, television, and other electronics. It has no risk of damage to home appliances.

Moreover, you still stay connected to the national grid, and you can draw on additional electricity from the grid if required. A smart electric meter or net meter is installed to keep track of power production and consumption.

Your power supply company may credit you for the surplus energy contributed to the grid through a net meter.

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