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The right kind of energy conservation Solar Power Energy is more affordable, low maintenance, & environmentally friendly.

Solar System

We offer a full-service portfolio for solar projects of all scales. Adding Green Energy to your life & reduce electricity bills

Surveillance and Automation

Empowering your Security & setup home automation works via a network of devices that are connected to the Internet.

Cotton Ginning

We process to get the cleaned cotton by separating or removing the seeds, dust or any other foreign particles.


We are the seed experts & we will take care of your seed needs, so keep calm & garden on


Control Energy Cost

Let the sun pay your bills, with solar you can secure and predictable electricity costs for years to come.


High Quality Eco System

To ensure the longevity and efficiency of your investment, we only work with world-class manufacturers – that’s the Eco Solar difference


Help The Environment

It’s time to do something good for your wallet and the Earth


Qualified Engineering Team

Highly qualified Eco Solar team of solar system to provide appropriate and customized solar power solutions for your business or home.

Mission & Values


It also takes a clearly defined mission that moves a company closer to its goal, every single day.

At Prime Smart Solutions, our mission is clear: we want to become a leading global provider of renewable energy, while building a geographically balanced portfolio of geothermal, recovered energy and storage assets.


By adhering to the five values that built this company and that continue to define who we are today.

  • Stability
  • Constant Renewable
  • Full Commitment
  • Courage
  • Creativity


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We’ve Been Building For Over 05 years

We are Best Eco Solar Company has won the trust of people in Pakistan with their comprehensive solar panel installation services. Well-qualified team of skilled technicians convert your rooftop into a smart and profitable roof.

Client Testimonials

“We’re actually saving about 50k a month on our light bill from what it used to be. And it was shocking to see one month our bill was only Rs. 1000/. Even in the heat of the summer, it got up to about Rs. 500/. We love showing off our bill because people don’t really believe it. It’s fun. I love the reactions we get.”

Abdul Basit

“People thinking about going solar, they need to think about how energy is going to increase in the coming years and once I pay off this system, that’s it. I’ll just be paying the minimum on my electricity. Instead of paying our electricity bill, we’re paying for our solar system. It’s really nice to see that I’m making money.

Muhammad Ahmad

“We chose PSS because of the warranties that they offered, the sales process, the salesperson, everybody that we spoke to within the company. Even referrals had nothing but great things to say so about them, so it made perfect sense for us to take that next step.” Thank you  for your professionalism“

Muhammad Ali

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